whisper challenge game is the most popular game even the celebrities like rebel Wilson, John Cena, brie Larson, Kristen Stewart are playing the whisper challenge game. This game is generated from the game telephone, but it is much more interesting, enjoyable and funnier than the telephone. It is the best way to spend free time with friends and making enjoyable and unforgettable memories. Whisper challenge game is also very much liked by couples and married people.

Now you are thinking how to actually play the whisper challenge game? so there are simple steps to play this game, you need 2 or more than 2 players, headphones with loud music, and also some whisper challenge things to say or some whisper challenge words, after deciding the whole game scenario, all players would have headphones on, except one player who starts the game by whispering sentence to the ear of the second player. On the music before starting the game, so that other players could not hear the phrase properly.

One person is whispering the phrase in the ears of the second player and then that person passes on whispering the phrase to the next person’s ears, everyone passes on the phrase until you have gotten to the last player of the game.

 After this, all players have taken off their headphones and the last person says out loud the phrase he heard, which is always funny and nonsensical. In the end, the first player who was starting the game repeats the original sentence, to show them how the one phrase completely garbled. Continue the game by repeating the same pattern by the next player.  These funny things to say for the whisper challenge makes people laugh out loud and people also like to record these funny memories



Now you also need some exciting interest hilarious funny whisper game phrases, while playing the whisper challenge game. some people make whisper challenge phrases on your own which is not much interesting and funny and players easily guess those simple phrases. So we make a list of different phrases like easy phrases funny phrases, dirty phrases and whisper challenge phrases questions, which you can use for your next whisper challenge game.


 These are short and simple phrases for the whisper challenge, which are easy to guess and you can use these easy whisper phrases at the starting of the game and after some time you can start funny and difficult phrases which are difficult to guess. These simple and easy phrases are general sentences and one-word sentences.  So you can use any of the following easy whisper challenge phrases in your game.

1.            I love you

2.            Pineapple

3.            What to you do?

4.            A piece of the big cake

5.            I speak French

6.            I grow old

7.            Where are you from?

8.            Speak louder

9.            What to you think about what I said?

10.         Stop crying

11.         Stop screaming

12.         Turtles on the way

13.         I like you

14.         You are an angel

15.         What do you like?

16.         Black cow

17.         Pizza

18.         I don’t know

19.         Angry bird

20.         Love the way you lie

21.         Brownie Shake

22.         What is your name?

23.         I love pasta

24.         Jingle bells

25.         Just love it

26.         Salty and spicy

27.         Baby shark

28.         Cut bench

29.         Eat egg

30.         Eat your hands


These whisper challenge phrases funny will boost your mood and rolled you on the floor with laughing whether the guess is right or wrong, it is perfect for adding spice in the game. These funny phrases are mostly difficult to guess which creates a hilarious response at the end of the round. so we create a list of  top funniest whisper challenge sentences for you

1.            Red is greener than pink

2.            You are an eggplant

3.            Let me lick you face

4.            I kissed a lion

5.            Save water drink beer

6.            Under water insects, don’t stink

7.            You have tiny heads

8.            You have really tiny bummies

9.            Green tea chocolate shake

10.         Elephant shoes

11.         I ate your sister’s chocolates

12.         I ate your mother’s turtle

13.         I have a fear of tube light

14.         I have a fear of food

15.         I have three hands and one pizza

16.         I like to play with a horse and eat grass

17.         I love the smell of tar

18.         Rubber baby buggy bumpers

19.         Black pepper juice and orange sandwich

20.         I love to eat pizza with milk

21.        Some people are actually coconut in disguise

22.       Your hair tastes like pineapple

23.       The dogs were flying in the sky

24.       The owl is sleeping in the night

25.        Where do actually babies come from

26.        Why the hell are you always copy my status and captions

27.        The cows fly in the midnight

28.        I don’t like my eye brows so I shave it all

29.        You are adopted

30.        let me touch your toenail

31.        I like to eat my foots

32.        I scream you scream we both scream for ice cream

33.        I feel I am a king

34.        I want a yummy little cat

35.        life is like a pasta

36.       Lions are the only thing I don’t have

37.       Banana suicide

38.       I am pretending to be a tomato

39.     I am addicted to lions

40.           I hate your toes

41.           I can’t feel my hands, can I feel yours

42.            I have the best cow in the school

43.           have some green tea Kit Kat

44.           I am dirty you are not

45.           I like peanut butter with some potatoes

46.           I farted and it smells like a mayonnaise

47.           Pumpkin spice mocha

48.           I want donkey

49.          I eat your brother’s toes

50.         The cucumber has a water tank

51.         Do not disturb, evil on the work

52.         Easy peasy

53.         Red roses with pizza shake

54.         I can not lick your hand

55.         I have two noses

56.         You are my king slay me

57.         You do you I do me

58.         My pen will cick your pen’s ass

59.         The slippers do not fit in my hands

60.         Pizza juice

61.         Banana burger

62.         Noodles are my favorite I love to eat them with maple syrup

63.         What is 0+7?

64.         I like pumpkin?

65.         I want to make babies with your puppy

66.         I was going for a brain transplant then I have changed my mind

67.         Egg suicide

68.         Don’t get in that car its red

69.         Tigers are flying in the sky

70.         I have a fear of pasta

71.         Black cat flying high

72.         I kissed a turtle

73.         I love your cheese patty

74.         You are a bell pepper

75.         The rock has tiny hands

76.         Who lives in pumpkin under the sea

77.         I think you need a face lifting

78.         It is not right

79.         You are stupid

80.         You come I go

81.         Save water drink whiskey

82.         Love eggplants

83.         Turtles flying high

84.         Bruno is a bae

85.         I will eat your pizza

86.         Tickle pickle

87.         As her why she has the same bag as me

88.         Do you like cotton chips

89.         Pumpkin waffles

90.         Build a big snowman



These difficult whisper challenge words are hard to guess or sometimes it is impossible to guess, which adds spice and laughter in your game. So following is the list of some hard sentences for a whisper challenge game.

1.            I lie you

2.            I have a fear of turtles

3.            I lord you

4.            Feeling reveal real feels

5.            Lady Gaga

6.            Horse with cowboy

7.            Tell me your secret

8.            I love chocolate egg

9.            Candy crush

10.         He touched my cat

11.         Wipe your face

12.         I am a new king

13.         Stop pocking me with your pencil

14.         I zebra broke the car window

15.         Bob the builder

16.         Why is everyone using a pen

17.         Toasted sandwich

18.         It is nice to have a black cat

19.         Popping pure

20.         Sizzling sizzler


These whisper challenge phrases dirty are best if you want to play with your partner or spouse. However, this is dirty but it is hard to guess.

List of some dirty sentences are-

1.            Stick to him

2.            He left me high and dirty

3.            When you are in Rome, do as Roman people do

4.            Drag me

5.            I want to lick your toes

6.            Knock your socks off

7.            Eat your heart out

8.            Quick and dirty

9.            Ride him, cowboy

10.         Walk softly but carry a big stick

11.         Where do babies come from

12.         I want to do babies with you

13.         I am fresh and you are not

14.         Can I sniff your doughnut holes

15.         Can you rub this oil in my back

16.         You licked my face

17.         Smelly pants, uneasy face

18.         You have tiny buttocks

19.         I farted, and it smells like a cheesy burger

20.         Can I like your tiny fingers


there are also some funny and hilarious questions for the whisper challenge you can ask instead of just saying phrases. These are also produced funniest responses at the end of the round, however, players don’t guess the questions right or even don’t guess whether its a question or sentence. So here the list of some interesting and funny questions you can add it in your game

1.            Can I lick your toes?

2.            Can you pass me some elephants?

3.            Am I a bit sarcastic?

4.            Am I adopted?

5.            Do you love turtles?

6.            Do you like magi with chocolate syrup?

7.            Where are your eyebrows gone?

8.            Do you have some turtles

9.            Can you climb a tree?

10.         Do you want some onions

11.         Are unicorns flullfy?

12.         Are you washing your hair with watermelon?

13.         Are donkeys wed with monkeys?

14.         Do you like green tea pizza?

15.         Can you play some tricks

16.         Why don’t you bath daily

17.         Can you kiss a frog?

18.         Why is cat bow bow

19.         The cucumber has a water tank

20.         Do you like coal tar?

Whisper challenge game and it’s amazing phrases add fun in your life, you can play this game anytime with friends, siblings, family, and spouse. These funny and hilarious phases create a happy environment and laughter. However, it is difficult to guess those sentences and wrong nonsensical ones. guess of sentences make people laugh, this whisper challenge game is becoming very famous on social media.

Mostly everyone likes to play this game and celebrities also participating in this game. It’s very necessary to decide which type of phases you want to add in your game according to which type of players you are playing with. The following lists of whisper challenge phrases help you to add these sentences in your game whenever you will next time playing this game



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