170+ Interesting Whisper Challenge Phrases To Spice Up The Game

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Whisper Challenge is a great way to raise a toast to your childhood. The specialty of this game is that it can totally spice up a boring party, friends’ sleepover, or family reunion. In this game, you just have to guess the popular whisper challenge phrase, while listening to loud music on a headphone. 
In short, the whisper challenge is a lip-reading game. There are so many popular and funny whisper challenge phrases that players have to guess. And do you know the best part of this game? It can be equally enjoyed by people from all age groups. So, be ready for having a good laugh with your loved ones.

How To Play The Whisper Challenge Game

Remember that classic Telephone Game? Someone used to whisper a word or a phrase in your ear and you did the same and the game continued like this. Basically, the whisper challenge is kind of similar to that. But, it is somehow an upgraded version of this Telephone Game.  

So, now, let’s look at the steps on how you will play the whisper challenge with your friends.

1. First, a person in your group wears a headphone and loud music will be played on it.

2. Another person will utter a word and the person with the headphone have to guess the word or the phrase.

3. A right guess will bring the team 1 point. Otherwise, they will score zero.

Popular Whisper Challenge Phrases

  • Holy night
  • Jingle bells
  • I don’t understand
  • Speak louder
  • Oh, never mind.
  • Olive juice
  • Hit the hay
  • Shark tank
  • Jumpy cow
  • On the ball

Now you also need some exciting interest hilarious funny whisper game phrases, while playing the whisper challenge game. some people make whisper challenge phrases on your own which is not much interesting and funny and players easily guess those simple phrases.

So we make a list of different phrases like easy phrases funny phrases, dirty phrases and whisper challenge phrases questions, which you can use for your next whisper challenge game.

Easy Whisper Challenge Phrases

These are short and simple phrases for the whisper challenge, which are easy to guess and you can use these easy whisper phrases at the starting of the game and after some time you can start funny and difficult phrases which are difficult to guess.

These simple and easy phrases are general sentences and one-word sentences.  So you can use any of the following easy whisper challenge phrases in your game.

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I love youWhere are you from?I like youAngry birdJust love it
PineappleSpeak louderYou are an angelLove the way you lieSalty and spicy
What to you do?What to you think about what I said?What do you like?Brownie ShakeBaby shark
A piece of the big cakeStop cryingBlack cowWhat is your name?Cut bench
I speak FrenchStop screamingPizzaI love pastaEat egg
I grow oldTurtles on the wayI don’t knowJingle bellsEat your hands

Funny & Hillarious Whisper Challenge Sentences Ideas

Funny Whisper Challenge Phrases

These whisper challenge phrases funny will boost your mood and roll you on the floor with laughing whether the guess is right or wrong, it is perfect for adding spice to the game.

These funny phrases are mostly difficult to guess which creates a hilarious response at the end of the round. So we create a list of the top funniest whisper challenge sentences for you.

Red is greener than pinkBlack pepper juice and orange sandwichBanana suicideI have two nosesI love your cheese patty
You are an eggplantI love to eat pizza with milkI am pretending to be a tomatoYou are my king slay meYou are a bell pepper
Let me lick you faceSome people are actually coconut in disguiseI am addicted to lionsYou do you I do meThe rock has tiny hands
I kissed a lionYour hair tastes like pineappleI hate your toesMy pen will cick your pen’s assWho lives in pumpkin under the sea
Save water drink beerThe dogs were flying in the skyI can’t feel my hands, can I feel yoursThe slippers do not fit in my handsI think you need a face lifting
Under water insects, don’t stinkThe owl is sleeping in the nightI have the best cow in the schoolPizza juiceIt is not right
You have tiny headsWhere do actually babies come fromI have some green tea Kit KatBanana burgerYou are stupid
You have really tiny bummiesWhy the hell are you always copy my status and captionsI am dirty you are notNoodles are my favorite I love to eat them with maple syrupYou come I go
Green tea chocolate shakeThe cows fly in the midnightI like peanut butter with some potatoesWhat is 0+7?Save water drink whiskey
Elephant shoesI don’t like my eye brows so I shave it allI farted and it smells like a mayonnaiseI like pumpkin?Love eggplants
I ate your sister’s chocolatesYou are adoptedPumpkin spice mochaI want to make babies with your puppyTurtles flying high
I ate your mother’s turtlelet me touch your toenailI want donkeyI was going for a brain transplant then I have changed my mindBruno is a bae
I have a fear of tube lightI like to eat my footsI eat your brother’s toesEgg suicideI will eat your pizza
I have a fear of foodI scream you scream we both scream for ice creamThe cucumber has a water tankDon’t get in that car its redTickle pickle
I have three hands and one pizzaI feel I am a kingDo not disturb, evil on the workTigers are flying in the skyAs her why she has the same bag as me
I like to play with a horse and eat grassI want a yummy little catEasy peasyI have a fear of pastaDo you like cotton chips
I love the smell of tarlife is like a pastaRed roses with pizza shakeBlack cat flying highPumpkin waffles
Rubber baby buggy bumpersLions are the only thing I don’t haveI can not lick your handI kissed a turtleBuild a big snowman

Difficult Whisper Challenge Phrases

Here, are the some difficult phrases that will bring more fun to your game.

Difficult Whisper Challenge
I lie youLady GagaCandy crushStop pocking me with your pencilToasted sandwich
I have a fear of turtlesHorse with cowboyHe touched my catI zebra broke the car windowIt is nice to have a black cat
I lord youTell me your secretWipe your faceBob the builderPopping pure
Feeling reveal real feelsI love chocolate eggI am a new kingWhy is everyone using a penSizzling sizzler


When playing with your partner or spouse, these dirty whisper challenge phrases work well. Although it is difficult to guess, this is unclean.

List of some dirty sentences are-

Stick to himI want to lick your toesRide him, cowboyI am fresh and you are notSmelly pants, uneasy face
He left me high and dirtyKnock your socks offWalk softly but carry a big stickCan I sniff your doughnut holesYou have tiny buttocks
When you are in Rome, do as Roman people doEat your heart outWhere do babies come fromCan you rub this oil in my backI farted, and it smells like a cheesy burger
Drag meQuick and dirtyI want to do babies with youYou licked my faceCan I like your tiny fingers

Whisper Challenge Questions To Ask

Instead of merely saying sentences during the whisper challenge, you can also ask some humorous and amusing questions. The funniest answers are also those that are provided at the end of the round, however participants sometimes misjudge the questions that whether they are questions or sentences.

Here is a selection of some thought-provoking and humorous quiz questions that you can use in your game.

Can I lick your toes?Do you love turtles?Can you climb a tree?Are donkeys wed with monkeys?Can you kiss a frog?
Can you pass me some elephants?Do you like magi with chocolate syrup?Do you want some onionsDo you like green tea pizza?Why is cat bow bow
Am I a bit sarcastic?Where are your eyebrows gone?Are unicorns flullfy?Can you play some tricksThe cucumber has a water tank
Am I adopted?Do you have some turtlesAre you washing your hair with watermelon?Why don’t you bath dailyDo you like coal tar?

You can play the stunning phrases in the game Whisper Challenge at any time with your friends, siblings, family, and spouse. These amusing and humorous moments produce a joyful atmosphere and laughter.

It is challenging to distinguish between those phrases and incorrect nonsensical ones, though. People enjoy guessing sentences, which has made the whisper challenge game incredibly popular on social media.

Most people enjoy playing this game, and celebrities frequently participate in it. Determining the type of stages you want to include in your game based on the players you are playing with is essential.

The lists of whisper challenge phrases below will assist you in adding these words to your game whenever you play it again.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where did the whisper challenge game come from?
The whisper Challenge game has gained ample popularity on the internet. But there is a curiosity as to where it has come from? In fact, if you notice that there are shows which are inspired by old shows. Similarly, Whisper Challenge has also been inspired by The Tonight Show which was inspired by Lip Sync Battle, a hit television show on Spike TV.

2. Can the Whisper Challenge be implemented as a teaching tool?
The Whisper Challenge game could also be utilised in the classroom to assist students improve their focus, attention to detail, and speaking and listening abilities. The game’s objective could be modified. For instance, students should attempt to repeat the phrase or word as clearly as they can.



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