How to Prank your Boyfriend over Text

How to Prank your Boyfriend over Text
How to Prank your Boyfriend over Text
How to Prank your Boyfriend over Text
When you miss him you send a simple text message. But friends, next time you text him give him a toast of shock prank. But Girls, make sure that your boyfriend’s mood is really awesome to digest and cope up with these pranks.
So if you haven’t trolled him in a while try one of these 13 pranks of text to create some giggly memories with your boyfriend.
If you’re planning on what to do on the 1st day of April, here’s a guide on april fool pranks for your boyfriend.

Best 13 Ways to Prank your Boyfriend over Text

1. Text him “That it’s not working between both of you and going forward you two don’t know each other.”
2. “You are in a market just met your ex boyfriend, he grabbed your hand and kissed you.” This might lead to breaking ┬ábones of your ex but yes this will certainly bring you guys closer by making him a little more possessive.
3. “You are on a trip to Goa with (his) best friend.” You can change the place according to your preference.
4. “You are in a hotel partying with friends, destroyed hotel property call him on a urgent basis”. Don’t forget to text him hotel address. You can enjoy a meal with him while planking this.
5. “You are a pregnant of 2 months”. If you guys are planning to get married this might make him little emotional but you can certainly enjoy it even if it is the case.
6. This text is from his best friends number “I slept with your girlfriend, I feel guilty about it and I am feeling like an asshole.” This is certainly going to nail the situation so make sure he is not into his important work.
7. The softest blast “I am not fully honest with you”.
8. This might risk your relationship so play it with caution. Text him “I have got AIDS”.
9. “I need to ask you something and I want you to be totally honest with me, it might be awkward between us but I want our relation to be really transparent. I hope it will not ruin our relationship, it doesn’t seem fair on me if I don’t get an answer. No matter what it is, I just want an honest opinion…. do you know which brand is of my red lipstick”.
10. “My dad just had a quarrel with your dad over a call. Come home fast we need to discuss it”. Girls do arrange something nice for him as he is definitely going to love you for that purpose.
11. “You are in a hospital and have met with an accident”. Make sure that your boyfriend will take this sportingly, and won’t get too mad at you after he discovers the truth.
12. “Text him that you have uploaded his weird picture on Facebook.”
13. “You have purchased an iPhone for him and call him urgently on a random place”. You can change the product as per his current luxury demands.
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