Fun and Quirky Mehndi Games That Your Wedding Guests Will Love

Putting Mehend Games
Putting Mehend Games

Though a wedding is about two happy individuals tying a knot, there is a lot of fun in store for the people taking part in this holy matrimonial! The best thing that an Indian wedding offers is the Sangeet and the Mehendi ceremony!

All over the world, the wedding is a million dollar industry, but in India is more about the million dollar smile and giggles that these ceremonies bring in.

Many wonder how Indians get that done. Well, the answer is simple. We know how to make the “paaaarty”! Thus our weddings are not a one-day affair. We, in fact, stretch our weddings for days or even months together!

As soon as the wedding bells ring, we get into planning an elaborate hoopla which usually involves all fun stuff under the sun. From a quirky bachelor party to a fat and glamorous wedding, we Indians know how to make this important day in the life of our sons and daughters work out in style!

While you may have seen many wedding rituals and gathering from all around the world, have you ever attended an Indian Mehendi programme, hosted a few days before the wedding? No?! Oh, my friend, then you are in for a world full of fun and games! Plus you will get your Mehendi theme ideas at such parties!

Mehendi is an auspicious occasion which marks the beginning of the wedding! Though ideally, it’s a ladies function, nowadays, it has turned into a grand event in which all the friends and family participates. Since theme weddings are much in vogue these days, many people are opting for themed Mehendi function decoration. Such themes can be color based, flower based, Bollywood based or in fact anything you can come up with. The unusual the better!     Make a search for the multiple themes for Mehendi function before taking your call

As the name suggests, the primary theme of the occasion is applying “Mehendi” or henna tattoo on the bride and the other ladies taking part in the wedding. However, in many cultures, even the groom applies Mehendi as well! (see, we Indians, hold the banner of equality high!).

But that’s not what makes Mehendi so very a special event, its the various Mehendi party games which turns the occasion into a blast.

Mehendi Games

So, if you are a guy/girl to be married soon, here are some amazing Mehendi function games you can surely keep on your Mehendi!

Fun Family Awards!

A family can rightly be called the melting pot of people with different characters. While there can be an overdressed aunt in one family, there can be a very nonspoken uncle in another. Your family might have a tomboyish sister, a docile brother, a cooking expert mother, and a calculation guru father! But no matter whoever you have in your nuclear or fringe family, why not award them on your Mehendi function? Family awards are one of the most fun Mehendi games you can try. All you need to do is come up with some hilarious titles and hand over the trophies to the winners!

But in order to make one of these mehndi party games a success, it important to come up with some super funny titles. For instance, who would you give the Ms. Gossip Queen award in your family? Would your father win the Mr. Hisabi award or will you consider your uncle for that?!

Dance off On Paper!

Since its a wedding we are talking about, why not include some family romance in the mix! So how would you like to see your dad hugging your mom, or even better, your grandfather hugging his mate?! Priceless right? Thus, one of the best Mehendi games ideas would be a paper dance off! It’s a fascinating way to get all the couples in your family, both old and young to get into that romantic mood close dancing on a paper! No matter who wins, you can still see that bond that ties all the couples, and very soon you will be tied in one such bond!

Keeping It Retro- Antakshari!

This one particular Mehendi games idea that will never go out of style! Where else can you hear the tuneless, wrong-lyrics, ear-piercing music?! Seriously, at a Mehendi party,  antakshari can be all about hearing a lot of cacophony in the name of music. Of course, there can be some really talented cousins of yours who can steal the show, but the rest might be far less than musical. But its all about having a truckload of fun, and antakshari is the best game for that!

Best Dressed Fashion Show:

There is a recent trend of hosting theme based wedding events. Thus, why don’t you consider some mehndi theme ideas? Of course, it would be fun to set a particular color theme for the Mehendi. In fact, you can spice this up by adding a fashion show for the best dressed! Get all your family members to walk the ramp, dressed in their best clothes. Of course, don’t expect a catwalk from them, but you can see a lot of “wobbling” and “falling”!

Ring It!

If you are looking for new ideas for Mehendi function, then you can consider this fun game too. This is a simple and fun game which can be enjoyed by both the young and elderly in your family.

This carnival-type of a game can be played for winning small gifts and can be a must-play in your Mehendi party. However, if you wish to include a few “fun” elements to it, do not forget to add a few miniature bottles of booze, munching and other assorted gifts to the game. But you might have to stop the men in your family from fighting for the gifts then!


How about having a high spirit call right before the wedding! So put up your strengths and get all your friends and family members to show their strengths in the tug-of-war! This is yet another Mehendi party game which is simply fascinating. There are multiple choices available! It can either be a tug-of-war between men and women, old and young, couple and singles and multiple others! Do not forget to reward the winning team with some amazing gifts!

Shoot and Boom!

This is yet another carnival-styled Mehendi party game you can surely arrange at your own Mehendi! This game is more likely to bring back your childhood memories of shooting balloons at the local fair. Cherish the memories of being your daddy’s princess one last time before getting married with this fun game.

Just Eat It!

Since most Indians are hearty eaters, then why not keep some game involving food? How about arranging an eating competition for all the gluttons in your family. Indian wedding means rich mouthwatering delicacies. So make sure of arranging some of these in the eating competition. Include some amazing gifts to seal the deal at the end of the game

Dumb Charades

Another treasure from the Old is Gold collection! This game can amplify the fun at your Mehendi! Of course, this game too can be customized as per your choice. You can create men vs female team or go for cousin vs friends, it’s all open!

Dance With The DJ

If you have people singing songs at your wedding, you can’t keep away a few dancing games! In fact, if you are planning to have a DJ play at your Mehendi, then arrange for a dance face off! Get your guests in groups of your choice and let them set the dance floor on fire!

Putting Mehend Games

Putting Mehendi games can be a fun competition amongst the budding artists in your family! Get them cones, stretch out your hands, and enjoy the best designs on your special day! Reward the best design and artist with some cool gifts!

Putting Mehend Games
Putting Mehend Games

Find The Bride

Spice up the old hide and seek game, for your Mehendi function and try to search for the bride in hiding! It’s a fun game, where everybody else in the venue will search for the bride or the groom! Much role reversal! Or this might be your last chance to run away! Think about it *wink*.


This can be called the chic version of Antakshari and can be included in your Mehendi party. All you need to do is set the mood with some dim lights, pass on the mic to the guests and have a soft mood towards the end of your Mehendi function. But that is just the lull before the storm, the big day is yet to arrive!

So take cues from the above mentioned Mehendi games and make your Mehendi function a worth-remembering event for all the invited guests and for people from all age groups. Seach for new ideas for Mehendi function. However, in order to ensure maximum fun at your Mehendi function, remember not to keep the games hidden from your friends and family till the last moment. In fact, you must get them planned well in advance so that people can be prepared for these and have a blast! The best idea is to get your guests to register for the games while they are entering the venue.




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