Interesting Telephone Phrases That Will Surely Trip You Up

How to play telephone games:
How to play telephone games:

You and your group of friends are sitting in your room thinking about what to do? Well, there’s a lot you can do when you have a bunch of friends coming over to your house, let’s say you can play Nintendo or Uno but these are controversial games which can lead to altercation? What says something that is less controversial and friendly? What about a game of ‘truth or dare’ or ‘telephone game’?

These games are very safe and even fun to play with a group of friends. Whenever a group of friends is coming, it is up to the host to make the meet very memorable and engaging, food may be the main thing but keeping the guests engaged in social activities is the soul of any party.

Making sure that the group is engaged in some interesting activities like a game of telephone is something that would raise the children in them. It is not only a game for grown-ups but even children can enjoy this.

Interesting Telephone Phrases That Will Surely Trip You Up
Interesting Telephone Phrases That Will Surely Trip You Up

The telephone game or otherwise known as the Chinese whisperer is a game where one person tells one phrase to another and another person adds another phrase to the phrase and keeps on passing, the phrases get different as it passes from each relaying person playing in the group.

As the words get relayed, it gets longer or shorter and it becomes harder to remember the phrase exactly the way it was and the original meaning it had. The first person would tell a phrase to the second person, he or she would relay that message to the third, the third person would relay it to the fourth and so on and so forth and it will continue till it reaches to the end of the line.

The person at the end of the line would reveal the phrase to match with the phrase that has been first accumulated in the group. The fun lies in the fact that when the phrase reaches the end of the line and the phrase is revealed, it becomes drastically different from that of the first phrase that it becomes ridiculous and funny. The meaning changes and extra meaning gets added up. Well, isn’t this gossip? Sorta.

How to play telephone games:

How to play telephone games:
How to play telephone games:

It is a children’s game but even an adult can play this game as it is very engaging and playful. A group of adults or a group of children can play this game of telephone. More than two or three people can play this game and this game is very easy to play as there are no hard rules to follow.

It engages people in a lighthearted mood where one can let go of the problems one has. You have to create a chain or a line, the first person has to come up with the phrase and tell it to the next in line, the second person will have to tell it to the next one in line and so on and so forth until the repeated phrase reaches the end of the line.

At last, the phrase is revealed by the last person to understand what the phrase has been tuned to because of extensive conveying. The meaning which has been presented at the end becomes so different and loses its meaning that it becomes ludicrous. There are various telephone game phrases which one can use in order to start the game.

Tips and tricks while playing the telephone game:

There are multiple tips and tricks one can apply in order to play the telephone game beautifully and tactfully. If you understand that tips and tricks well, you will master whatever the repetition of the telephone game sentences will be.

  • The main rule is to choose a unique word that will be different and hard to remember. It will create an aura of amazement at the end. You must know pretty Funny, good telephone game phrases to start the game and get it going.
  • Make sure that you whisper. You don’t want the other person in the line or in the circle to hear your first words or sentences or phrase as it will ruin the fun.
  • You can hype the game by introducing various variety of these telephone games. One of them is team telephone games, and the other is starting a game of rumors where one has to start a rumor and at the last, it will be revealed. Same thing but slightly different.

What does telephone game bear in our mind:

As the game has a funny rapport amongst both the adults and the children, the game has many implications that one can understand if they pay a bit of attention to the game.

A message that one can understand by this game is how a message or some things that are said can change its meaning as it gets from one ear to another. It becomes baseless and false. No matter how fun the game is, in real life, it bears another meaning and gets stretched to a point where it loses its meaning.

What type of phrases you should use:

The phrases or sentences that you choose can be of different types. It can be easy, it can be tough, it depends on the level of difficulty one wants. There are various phrases there are based on a child’s or an adult’s game.

The trick is to choose a phrase that will trip the tongue or tongue twisters. Telephone game phrases for kids can be ‘a guppy in the shark tank’, ‘candy crunching coconut lovers’, ‘red roses with thorny stems’ etc. For adults, however, it can be a gossip or a tough and long tongue twister which will trip them up.

Telephone game phrases for adults can be ‘The funny bunny hid the colored candy in the colored can’, ‘The queen sat on her throne and ate thorny kumquats’ etc.

Meta: A telephone game is a very interesting game that is not only fun but engaging and is a jawbreaker in any party. This game can be played by adults or children.



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