How to Impress a Girl – Ladki Patane ke Tarike/Tips/Totke

Ladki Patane Ke Tips
Ladki Patane Ke Tips

Now a days people are indulging them into rigorous searching on topics like “Ladki pataane ke Tarike “ and many more like that. It sounds funny to hear such topics but its a fact.  You might not be able to impress girls unless you have a perfect approach, personality and body language. The traditional dating tricks have now become outdated with the advancing scenario. Therefore all guys have to do something new and unique to impress college girls. Mostly this happens with college boys and girls as they have the perfect age of getting therefore all old tricks of the dating book would not help you much in order to attract college girls. Continue reading to learn some of the effective ways to attract and impress college girls.

Here we are sharing Ladki patane ke tarike love tips for all young guys below :

  1. Whenever the girl you like leaves for school/college or work, try to walk along and talk to her. Do this for seven days and ignore from the 8th day onwards, in a day or two she will definitely come to you asking the reason for ignoring. This directs her attention towards you.
  2. The best way to impress a girl is to simply make her feel jealous of her best friend in every way you can like praising her so that she will definitely be jealous of her friend. This will go in your favor.
  3. Try to solve a girls problem whether it be of any kind by getting completely involved in it so that you can find space in her heart.Read More : What are the best questions to ask a girl while chatting?
  4. Keep some latest romantic ringtone as your ringtone, whenever your phone rings she will definitely get attracted towards you by listening to the song.
  5. Whenever you pass by her home try to watch her as this will show your interest in her.
  6. Never show off your bad habits in front of girls like smoking, drinking etc. as girls prefer boys with good habits.
  7. If she prefers reading books or novels of some special type then you can try gifting her the books of her choice and she will definitely get impressed easily.
  8. If girls are moving in a group and the one you like is also there, then keep on staring her until she smiles and gets attracted towards you.
  9. Girls are very sensitive and emotional, they fall highly for guys who give them emotional support.
  10. Girls are more foodaholic than boys so never let them go without offering some food they like. You can always ask for some snacks or coffee.
  11. Never share your problems with her. Always seek her attention by listening to her problems.
  12. If you get know that she visits some temple then follow her right there and she will be impressed with your efforts.Read More :12 best Tinder bios to help you to get the Date
  13. Whenever you meet her, always carry a chocolate of her own choice and she will love your gesture.
  14. Always feel confident while talking to a girl.
  15. Never feel shy in front of girls instead be frank as girls don’t like shy boys.
  16. Talk to girls in a romantic mood and make her realise that you are loving the whole conversation.
  17. Always show your intelligence in front of her as girls prefer intelligent boys.
  18. If you know her Email id then keep on mailing her about her whereabouts so that she will keep you in her thoughts the whole day.
  19. If she gifts you something then keep on praising her gift so that she will think that you are caring enough.
  20. First try to get into friendship with her and then start off with expressing love. You have to be patient as its a delicate and long process.

Hope these tips will help you impress your girlfriends or future girlfriends. Good Luck!



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