First Night Pranks: Friends Pulled on Bride &Groom

First Night Pranks: Friends Pulled on Bride &Groom
First Night Pranks: Friends Pulled on Bride &Groom

Get inside the”Wedding bed room “. As you most likely are aware first night after marry bolt is imperative and valuable .So pranksters knows it extremely well that,its the ideal place to arrange and get anything from prepare. So they involve in the room very time before the couples come.And decline to leave until unless their requests are cleared. their requests are as a rule for liquor and cash.

Few tricks inside room:

  • Itching powder sprinkled on the wedding bed room .
  • Set mid night Alarm and hiding some place in wedding bed room.
  • Keep Disturb lady on telephone until he turned it off
  • Keep sending random messages to disturb.
  •  Bug by irritating ring tones and break undesirable jokes.
  • Snow splash (Attributes)
  • Liquor blended drinks to clueless couples and tossing it into the room amid the first night.
  • Hide roasted papad or Corn Flakes under bed sheet. When they sleep, it will make lovely noise.

Remove door and window locks:Deliberately evacuate locks of “First night rooms” entryways and windows.So they couldn’t bolt the entryway and window.



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