How to Change Location on Tinder

How to Change Location on Tinder
How to Change Location on Tinder

With downloads in the tens of millions, it’s fair to say that swipe-powered, dating app Tinder is among the biggest in town. If you are shy, looking for someone exotic, you can expand your location from home by changing location on Tinder.

Tinder is managing your location and matches are done according to location. There are various reasons why you should change your location:-

  1. More room for practice: You will be able to talk to girls on the other side of the globe, so try new pick up lines on foreigners.
  2. International game: Are you into exotic Asian girls or maybe looking for a cute Slavic girl from Poland? Now, you can play your game internationally, which gives you choices and opportunities with millions of girls in the whole world.
  3. Schedule Dates: If you are experienced in setting dates, then you can plan a date on a business tour across Ocean…!!

How to Change your Tinder location on Android and iPhone for FREE?

Change Your Tinder Location via GPS Location Spoofer: Foneazy MockGo (Recommended)

Tinder uses your phone’s current location data and displays the matches. You can change your location with a GPS spoofer to get the job done.

Foneazy MockGo is a professional tool designed to change GPS location on iPhone without jailbreaking. It allows you to change your location to anywhere in just one click. It works with all location-based Apps, such as Tinder, WhatsApp, Facebook, and more. 

We will walk you through how to change Tinder location in just one click.

1.Download and install MockGo on your computer, and launch it. Then click  “Start” button to go on. Connect your iPhone to your PC.

2.Hit the Teleport icon on the upper-right corner, search the location you would like to teleport in the address bar, then click the “Go” button.

3.Click “Move here” button on the map, once done, the location on your Tinder has been changed to the selected location instantly, open Tinder and start swiping. 

Here is a video tutorial showing how to change Tinder location to get more matches on iPhone

Tinder Premium Location Change Method

In an effort to make some money, Tinder has added a feature of new Tinder Plus tier for $9.99/month (or $19.99/month (if you are above 30) and get the following perks :-

  • Rewind your last swipe – for all those who accidentally swipe that potentially losts your soul mate.
  • Turn off add – There will be no more ads on apps, so avoid disturbances
  • Change Your location – most important, You can change your location to find best matches…!!

Thankfully, there’s a much cheaper way of doing this, and it’s dead simple.

Facebook Method

Now, you can we world travelling Romeo, with some of the steps to increase your matches. There are two types of method through which you can change your location, These are:-

  1. Facebook account via desktop
  2. Facebook account via mobile app

Firstly, we will see through Facebook account via desktop

  1. Open Facebook : Visit Facebook’s webpage and login with your account details.
  2. View your About page : Click the “Edit Profile” link under your name and profile picture on the top of page, about page will open .
  3. Click on Places you have lived on the left panel : Your current city, hometown and other places will be displayed.
  4. Add a place : Click on “Add a place” right under other places. And then, type in the location and click on “Save” button on the lower right corner of the window.
  5. Launch Tinder : Locate the app on your mobile device, it’s orange flame icon. Tap the icon to launch the Tinder.

Now, we will see through Facebook account via mobile application:

  1. Open Facebook app : Open Facebook app from your mobile phone.
  2. Go to About : Tap your name on the header toolbar, timeline will appear. Tap, the About box right below your cover photo, your app will come up with all of your details.
  3. Check the place’s you have lived : One of your profile data is current city and location. Look for “Live in” and tap on it. You will be displayed “Places You’ve Lived”, current hometown, city will be displayed.
  4. Add City : Tap the “Add City” link. Another screen will appear for this life story to be recorded. This is where you will set new location. Now, Type in the location and address of your new location, and tap to “Create” button at the bottom. Your new location will be added and saved with your history and profile.
  5. Launch Tinder : Now you can exit your Facebook by clicking on back button. Locate the app on your mobile device, it’s orange flame icon. Tap the icon to launch the Tinder.

These were the few simple steps to increase your chances of matches. Your dating will take a high boost via these few simple steps. Now go forth and swipe right for love. Who knows, maybe you’ll see more exotic and mysterious people to see around the world.



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